Saturday, August 24, 2013

Past Earphones Review

I just wanted to review a few of the earphones I've used. I think everyone looks at them in the store as I do and think to themselves: "whats the difference?" They all look different but the performance is NOT the same. Even if they cost the same. I've mostly used ones between $8-$12. So I haven't gotten around to the really good ones, but there were some good ones under $20.

Lately, the earphones I've been searching for are ones with clarity and good bass. And the search continues... since I can only find one or the other it seems.

JVC Marshmallow (pink) (not shown above)
One of my favorites because of the great clarity in sound the insulation provided, but one that I HAD to discontinue using because after using them for a while they started to hurt my ears. The thing is you have to stick them into your ears like ear plugs you'd wear to sleep in order to get the insulation AND in order to keep the things from falling out your ears. So its like sticking HARD ear plugs in your ears all the time(if you listen to music frequently like I do) and it can get annoying.

Phillips SHE2644/27 (green)(center)
The sound of these are pretty clear but I would've liked the bass to be deeper. Using these after getting the JVC Marshmallow earphones made me really crave the insulation the other earphones gave me. Had to turn up the volume for more clarity but I guess it wasn't so bad. These were even a comfortable fit for me.

Skull Candy Ink'd SC (green/blk)(left)
I got these earphones because it claimed to have great bass. Well.. ok I also like cute things so the color and skulls on it drew me in too. Reviews were good so I figured I had nothing to loose. Wrong. The bass was really fuzzy and ruined many of the songs with a lot of bass.

Phillips SHE2100WT/28 (white)(right)
These earphones have got the best bass I've heard so far. Although I'm sure there are better more expensive ones, these are good for those who are cheap and just want good bass for less. One weird thing is that when I first listened to songs on this thing I thought the songs sound like they're stuck in a box and I was sticking my head in that box in order to hear them. Very strange, but I got used to it.
The bass is especially good for particular songs though unfortunately not so good for other songs. I listen to Jpop a lot so I was hoping for earphones that would improve the bass in these songs but keep the singer's voice high pitch and clear. It seems with these I have to sacrifice clarity in certain songs for a stronger bass. Sometimes the singer's voice is pushed to the back or made lower while the bass is strong.
Songs like Koda Kumi's Juicy HAVE excellent bass and overall sound but her voice isn't as clear as it is with other earphones. But I have to say these do wonders for Goto Maki. She already has a nice deep voice but it is MUCH more pronounced in songs like Uwasa no SEXY GUY & Paint It Gold.

so when I'm not cheap I'm going to buy something more than $12 next time. I would like clarity & bass.

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