Sunday, August 25, 2013

Le Pan Tablet Review

Ok so I got a tablet in February, not because of all the hype and ALL the commercials showing kids and adults surfing the web or watching movies on them making it seem like EVERYONE has one, but because I actually NEEDED one. It is good if you just want to chill in bed and shop for things online, watch movies, surf the web, check email, play games, AND it was most useful because I can do research and write papers on it although the office program on it freezes A LOT. I know you can do all that on a laptop but I couldn't afford one so a tablet was the next best thing.

In spite of its usefulness and ummm beauty :D there are many errors with it and I've only had it for 6 months. The errors began soon after I got it and although I was told of some negative things to expect in reviews, I saw that almost all tablets had SOME unhappy customers so I paid more attention to the many happy customers who loved their Le Pan. Still, with all its errors I would have purchased it even if I had know what these problems were like BEFORE buying the product because it is one of the best in appearance and screen size for the money. Only $150.

So here are the PROS and CONS of the Le Pan.


COLOR! Unlike most dreary boring tablets, the Le Pan comes in multiple colors (white, black, pink, purple, +) I was almost tempted to get the purple one even though I've never been crazy about purple. I just love that the makers of Le Pan tablets give customers more options.
This was a major plus for me because I hated all the BLACK BLACK BLACK! Why can't they make more tablets and PCs with COLORS? and not that ugly two tone crap, like one solid color for the entire tablet or the entire keyboard and entire area surrounding the screen? Is that so difficult? If I'm going to have something for years, I want to be able to stand looking at it.

BIGGER SCREEN! At 8x6 inches the screen is bigger and has great clarity compared to most tablet screens that only offer 7 inches and many smaller screens cost even more! Its very difficult to find a larger screen under $300, so at $150 (at I though it was a deal.

CLARITY! The first thing I noticed when I turned on the screen was how clear it was. The background pictures it came with were especially crystal clear. I wish my pictures I uploaded on it turned out the same way but I always have to edit them for the screen size to make them work.

STORAGE! Keeps good storage of Bookmarks & Visited Webpages. Bad cause some websites can also view this info that you may want private (aka cookies) but good cause you get to go back to sites you previously visited without having to remember the URLs.

Removable storage. Since the memory is only 4GB(2GB internal memory and 2GB microSD card) I thought that it would be MUCH better if it offered an option to use a USB drive with it. I saw that it does allow a micro SD card with up to 32GB memory but I use jump drives more than I do microSD cards. I seriously never knew these things were ever necessary until I got the Le Pan. I just wish more tablets were made with much more internal memory.

Sound. The sound can be very difficult to hear at times even when the volume is turned all the way up. I usually use headphones to hear videos better although it is still a struggle sometimes. And If I accidentally turn the headphone plug to another side when it is in the Le Pan's headphone jack, the sound will go out and I have to turn it back to the other position to hear the sound again. In other words, when the headphones are in use, I can't touch or move the part in the jack or NO SOUND. Movies are the hardest to hear but youtube videos are the easiest. I can usually hear youtube videos WELL with or without the headphones.

FREEZING & RESTARTING. Now we are down to my BIGGEST issue with the Le Pan(or maybe with MANY tablets, or so I've heard), the freezing! This thing crashes so easily its not even funny. Sometimes I think that if I blow on it too hard it may freeze! I try to remember that tablets have much less available RAM than computers, but its hard NOT to use it like a PC. Many times when I go to open multiple webpages, I get a sign at the bottom of the screen saying: "Low memory(No more tabs available)". This message can show up after trying to open only 2 tabs at a time. And only certain webpages can be viewed at a time, or ones that require less space usage. I often try to leave my yahoo email page up while surfing the web but I can't because it uses up all the memory :(.
Usually when the tablet freezes I press and hold the ON button to restart it, but sometimes the crash is so bad the system has begun restarting itself! And when it is still frozen after a reboot, I sometimes have to restart it multiple times to get it to work again. It may even freeze 2-3 times in one day. Its really a pain.
The Le Pan instructs users to RESET the system when it freezes, but it also says that doing this will delete all data! I don't want to delete all my downloads every week because the system freezes. OMG! NO!

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