Sunday, February 3, 2013

OMG! It's a MAN!

(Written Aug. 12, 2010)

Something really got me thinking today. I was watching Maury and what appeared to be a woman, came on the show to tell "it's" bf that they were actually born a male. I was like, "WTF?!" So let me get this straight. You're actually a male, you've been dating a straight male for a while and you KNEW the whole time he had no idea he was really dating a MAN?! Kinda late to tell him now isn't it? Didn't think he should've been told ages ago? oh I dunno... like when you FIRST MET!!!

Well, it told it's bf the dark secret they've been hiding for a while and he went crazy (as expected). He looked so devastated and I felt so bad for him. You could tell he honestly never knew his "gf" was actually a male. He was really messed up about it. I thought,"In his future relationships he'll have major trust issues and always check his date out trying to see if they are who they say they are." I hate it when people do this cause they ruin potential relationships and the future gfs won't know where the relationship went wrong.

After the man clearly showed that he didn't want to be with his secretive "counterpart" anymore, it said, "see that's why I didn't wanna tell you. I knew you would act like that." Another "WTH?!" moment. How the hell did you expect him to act?!!! He just found out he was dating a man! He's not GAY you asshole. He's straight! Dating a male isn't exactly "okay" with straight men. Just because you don't have any morals doesn't mean the rest of the world is messed up like you.

Then it says, "but I AM a woman". Oh hell nall. That thing managed to convince itself that's its a female. What is wrong with this world today?! You are a MALE!!! You will always be a male no matter what kind of hormone pills or surgeries you get to change your physical appearance. God made you a male and there's nothing you can do to change that.

Further more, the worst problem with this secret is that its not just a secret. This is like a life changing experience. You can't trick someone like that. It messes with their heads. I heard another story where a man killed his "wife" when he found out his "she" was actually a MAN. That's what they get for being STUPID. Stuff like that will get you killed! Is it really worth it? Why didn't they just fess up in the beginning instead of tricking the men so that they won't leave them. If they want to marry a REAL WOMAN, you can't get mad. Men don't want female impersonators as spouses. That's nasty! After they make love to you they're GAY. They don't want to be gay. Why are you polluting the world with your nastiness? You're ruining things. That's not the way things are suppose to go. Men are suppose to be with women and woman are suppose to be with men. Its not suppose to go "Men with FAKE women and FAKE men with women." What the heck is going on?

This is the only reason why I hate it when people get that damn transgender surgery. It should be outlawed just because of this. They shouldn't be allowed to trick people. The men/women affected should be allowed to sue the people responsible for providing the transgender services of the impersonators for emotional distress. They should come up with some ridiculous amount to sue for that will threaten their business. Then they'll learn!

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