Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Damaged Hair :(

Yes... I have been having issues with damaged hair for a while. I really want to dye it but I've never been able to because of the damage. Just recently it has gotten so bad a chunk of my hair in the back is gone. It has been growing back little by little. So little that the rest of my hair growth has far outpaced it making the sad little spot all the more noticeable.

I'm trying some new hair products to help it grow faster.

Carrot Creme
♥ I've been putting this in my hair before I blow dry it. It makes my hair easier to manage.

♥ I like this cream because its not really oily like other hair products I've tried. Although I know the oil might be best for my hair type, I can't stand the way it makes my hair feel greasy and dirty. This also makes my hair a bit shiny. And I could tell within the first use that it was preventing breakage.

Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Scrub
♥ My mom got this for me saying my sister tried it and it worked for her. I don't like it but out of desperation I am trying it.

♥ As soon as I opened it a horrid smell smacked me in the face!

#1 I had to mix it in a tiny plastic cup with baking soda, as the instructions say.
#2 Spread the mix on the part of my hair where my hair fell out with the black brush.
#3 Then, I have to lightly rub it in my scalp with my fingers. (yuck! I hated it.)
#4 Then, you have to wash it out after about 15-20min.

I did that... and... nothing.
The instructions say I can only use it twice a month, so I think results will come slow... but hopefully they come. I want my hair back! :(

I will definitely have to invest in some hair masks and possibly some hair growth shampoo cause I just don't want to buy any pills for hair growth. I don't want to get the biotin supplement that some have claimed worked for them. I'll just try the normal stuff and see what works.

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