Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Nail Art Creations

Made some nail art designs I'm going to be selling soon.

Already put Nostalgia(Black & Clear design) and Sweet Sweets(Sweets/Cakes design)
up on ebay, but I'm working on more. I did name some "press on gel nail art tips"
under the seller name: rashaan12. I really didn't know what else to name them. lol.
Maybe I could've come up with a better name... I don't know.

Making these with gel took A LOT of time but they came out nice.
I only made the yellow & pink one and the sweets one in a standard size I think can
fit most, but these I can also make in a custom size though I'm going to make a new
version for the sweets design. I think it could be a little better.

Hopefully, I can get some polymer clay soon and start making different designs.
Some stuff with much more 3D would be good.

Doing updates on designs on:
nikitty20 @ twitter


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lightening Soap Updates +

UPDATES on the skin lightening soaps I've used.

Well of course I had to stop using that steroid ridden Bio Claire crap. It made me really sick. I only used it for a week and noticed I was feeling sluggish, sick, and tired. It really slooooowed me down A LOT. Anyways if I would have kept using it, it would have only brought temporary results and I would've had to keep using it to maintain the result. Many people like it because it DOES WORK. It works VERY FAST. I saw lighter skin and dark spots after just 3 days of use! Try any other skin lightening soap you want but it WON'T top those results. But its like everything that is effective, like too good to be true effective, it HAS to be bad for you. Ah well. Other crap on the market to run through and waste all my money on. lol.

The IDOLE lightening soap was the best at exfoliating. It had REALLY hard scrubbing beads that actually work but it is not too good for blemishes (as it claims). My face got a bit brighter... temporarily, but at least it exfoliated good.

I had also tried MAKARI Whitening Exfoliating Soap about a couple months ago and I LOVED IT. Definitely the BEST exfoliating soap I've ever used. I feel very clean after washing. Not just regularly clean as with other soaps but my skin was baby smooth all over. I could tell it does more than the others because after using it in areas where I tend to get ingrown hairs, my skin started acting right and was much smoother and the tone was more even than it had been in a LONG time. There is just one problem. Each 200g bar costs $15!!! Yea, so I WILL buy again soon but after I get the money.

In the mean time I tried these soaps that cost $7-8 each that I bought on ebay.

Topiclear is a brand many black women around the world love because its creams are good for eliminating dark spots. I decided to take a chance and try their soaps since I needed an exfoliating soap BAD. This soap makes my skin soft and exfoliated, but the scrubbing beads would be better if they were bigger and harder.

I was drawn in by DERMA WHITE Lemon Soap when I saw the ingredients: 2% Kojic acid, glycolic acid, lemon juice extract, Vitamin C, & Vitamin E. I thought this combination of effective skin lighteners would help improve my complexion but I didn't see a difference in my skin except for the exfoliators making my skin smoother. Though I have to admit I wasn't using it as consistently as I do other products I've tried. I bought so many other soaps around the same time I bought this one. I was switching between a lanolin soap and Yardley Pomegranate Rose Soap because I had to use less harsh soaps 2 days before and 2 days after my lactic acid peels.

This is my second time ordering ISME lift up anti aging and whitening soap from ebay seller: Joy-sunflower. Wish it was sold in the states. It takes forever to get stuff from Thailand. It really does lighten and lift. My skin was dull and lifeless so I used this to brighten my complexion and improve the texture of my skin. But like ANY skin lightening and collagen product you have to keep using it to maintain the results. Once you stop using it your face goes back saggy and dull. :( I did have a real issue with this product though. For something you have to use twice a day to see results, they only give you a SMALL amount. It is a small 50g soap for $7-8.

Plain soaps sold in this country really disappoint me. They have commercials with beautiful women washing with body washes and soaps making it seem like you'll have this wonderful experience and you'll be more beautiful after washing with their product when the fact is after you get done using their products you won't look a bit better but you'll sure be cleaner. and thats it! It has NO agent in the ingredients that will make you look like the women on the commercials. They make you pay more just to wash you @$$! WHY?!

I wish we had skin lightening soaps, collagen soaps, and beautifying bars in America so we can really get good results from washing instead of being deceived by American marketing tactics. The soaps with better ingredients like Kojic acid, collagen, glutathione, glycolic acid, papaya extract/rosehips(vitamin C), bearberry, etc. can really help with blemishes, lifeless skin, skin loosening, and other skin problems. I find it better to get results from just using soap than using creams alone. SO why don't American products put these ingredients in their products and actually do more instead of just making them appear to be more than they are with fragrances and colorful packaging?

Le Pan Tablet Review

Ok so I got a tablet in February, not because of all the hype and ALL the commercials showing kids and adults surfing the web or watching movies on them making it seem like EVERYONE has one, but because I actually NEEDED one. It is good if you just want to chill in bed and shop for things online, watch movies, surf the web, check email, play games, AND it was most useful because I can do research and write papers on it although the office program on it freezes A LOT. I know you can do all that on a laptop but I couldn't afford one so a tablet was the next best thing.

In spite of its usefulness and ummm beauty :D there are many errors with it and I've only had it for 6 months. The errors began soon after I got it and although I was told of some negative things to expect in reviews, I saw that almost all tablets had SOME unhappy customers so I paid more attention to the many happy customers who loved their Le Pan. Still, with all its errors I would have purchased it even if I had know what these problems were like BEFORE buying the product because it is one of the best in appearance and screen size for the money. Only $150.

So here are the PROS and CONS of the Le Pan.


COLOR! Unlike most dreary boring tablets, the Le Pan comes in multiple colors (white, black, pink, purple, +) I was almost tempted to get the purple one even though I've never been crazy about purple. I just love that the makers of Le Pan tablets give customers more options.
This was a major plus for me because I hated all the BLACK BLACK BLACK! Why can't they make more tablets and PCs with COLORS? and not that ugly two tone crap, like one solid color for the entire tablet or the entire keyboard and entire area surrounding the screen? Is that so difficult? If I'm going to have something for years, I want to be able to stand looking at it.

BIGGER SCREEN! At 8x6 inches the screen is bigger and has great clarity compared to most tablet screens that only offer 7 inches and many smaller screens cost even more! Its very difficult to find a larger screen under $300, so at $150 (at I though it was a deal.

CLARITY! The first thing I noticed when I turned on the screen was how clear it was. The background pictures it came with were especially crystal clear. I wish my pictures I uploaded on it turned out the same way but I always have to edit them for the screen size to make them work.

STORAGE! Keeps good storage of Bookmarks & Visited Webpages. Bad cause some websites can also view this info that you may want private (aka cookies) but good cause you get to go back to sites you previously visited without having to remember the URLs.

Removable storage. Since the memory is only 4GB(2GB internal memory and 2GB microSD card) I thought that it would be MUCH better if it offered an option to use a USB drive with it. I saw that it does allow a micro SD card with up to 32GB memory but I use jump drives more than I do microSD cards. I seriously never knew these things were ever necessary until I got the Le Pan. I just wish more tablets were made with much more internal memory.

Sound. The sound can be very difficult to hear at times even when the volume is turned all the way up. I usually use headphones to hear videos better although it is still a struggle sometimes. And If I accidentally turn the headphone plug to another side when it is in the Le Pan's headphone jack, the sound will go out and I have to turn it back to the other position to hear the sound again. In other words, when the headphones are in use, I can't touch or move the part in the jack or NO SOUND. Movies are the hardest to hear but youtube videos are the easiest. I can usually hear youtube videos WELL with or without the headphones.

FREEZING & RESTARTING. Now we are down to my BIGGEST issue with the Le Pan(or maybe with MANY tablets, or so I've heard), the freezing! This thing crashes so easily its not even funny. Sometimes I think that if I blow on it too hard it may freeze! I try to remember that tablets have much less available RAM than computers, but its hard NOT to use it like a PC. Many times when I go to open multiple webpages, I get a sign at the bottom of the screen saying: "Low memory(No more tabs available)". This message can show up after trying to open only 2 tabs at a time. And only certain webpages can be viewed at a time, or ones that require less space usage. I often try to leave my yahoo email page up while surfing the web but I can't because it uses up all the memory :(.
Usually when the tablet freezes I press and hold the ON button to restart it, but sometimes the crash is so bad the system has begun restarting itself! And when it is still frozen after a reboot, I sometimes have to restart it multiple times to get it to work again. It may even freeze 2-3 times in one day. Its really a pain.
The Le Pan instructs users to RESET the system when it freezes, but it also says that doing this will delete all data! I don't want to delete all my downloads every week because the system freezes. OMG! NO!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Past Earphones Review

I just wanted to review a few of the earphones I've used. I think everyone looks at them in the store as I do and think to themselves: "whats the difference?" They all look different but the performance is NOT the same. Even if they cost the same. I've mostly used ones between $8-$12. So I haven't gotten around to the really good ones, but there were some good ones under $20.

Lately, the earphones I've been searching for are ones with clarity and good bass. And the search continues... since I can only find one or the other it seems.

JVC Marshmallow (pink) (not shown above)
One of my favorites because of the great clarity in sound the insulation provided, but one that I HAD to discontinue using because after using them for a while they started to hurt my ears. The thing is you have to stick them into your ears like ear plugs you'd wear to sleep in order to get the insulation AND in order to keep the things from falling out your ears. So its like sticking HARD ear plugs in your ears all the time(if you listen to music frequently like I do) and it can get annoying.

Phillips SHE2644/27 (green)(center)
The sound of these are pretty clear but I would've liked the bass to be deeper. Using these after getting the JVC Marshmallow earphones made me really crave the insulation the other earphones gave me. Had to turn up the volume for more clarity but I guess it wasn't so bad. These were even a comfortable fit for me.

Skull Candy Ink'd SC (green/blk)(left)
I got these earphones because it claimed to have great bass. Well.. ok I also like cute things so the color and skulls on it drew me in too. Reviews were good so I figured I had nothing to loose. Wrong. The bass was really fuzzy and ruined many of the songs with a lot of bass.

Phillips SHE2100WT/28 (white)(right)
These earphones have got the best bass I've heard so far. Although I'm sure there are better more expensive ones, these are good for those who are cheap and just want good bass for less. One weird thing is that when I first listened to songs on this thing I thought the songs sound like they're stuck in a box and I was sticking my head in that box in order to hear them. Very strange, but I got used to it.
The bass is especially good for particular songs though unfortunately not so good for other songs. I listen to Jpop a lot so I was hoping for earphones that would improve the bass in these songs but keep the singer's voice high pitch and clear. It seems with these I have to sacrifice clarity in certain songs for a stronger bass. Sometimes the singer's voice is pushed to the back or made lower while the bass is strong.
Songs like Koda Kumi's Juicy HAVE excellent bass and overall sound but her voice isn't as clear as it is with other earphones. But I have to say these do wonders for Goto Maki. She already has a nice deep voice but it is MUCH more pronounced in songs like Uwasa no SEXY GUY & Paint It Gold.

so when I'm not cheap I'm going to buy something more than $12 next time. I would like clarity & bass.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

♥ Annie's Way Red Wine Mask ♥

I finally got my ♥ Annie's Way Red Wine Mask ♥ !!!

I saw a video of it on youtube and thought I'd try it. I didn't know I would be able to save the money to get it so soon. *Proud of myself* :P

I bought it from which is in Cali so I could get the asian product shipped to me really fast since its already in the US! yaaay!

♥ This is actually the anti-aging mask that reduces fine lines and whitens skin, which I didn't really need cause I'm not old but I've wanted to try a red wine mask for a long time and the ones I saw on ebay are no longer there so I went with this one. I thought it would be good for firming the skin and the whitening would be good for evening out my tone.

♥ They do have (i think) 6 different kinds of masks so if I don't like this particular one, I'll just try another.

♥ I LOVE how juicy it looks! Like you could just EAT IT.. but you can't!

♥ It comes with the spatula for application. You have to apply it with the spatula and make it so that there is A LOT of it clumped on the skin, rather than just applying a thin layer as you'd do with most masks, so I looked crazy with this red wine gunk clumped on my face after using it.

♥ I know this may sound silly... but when I opened up the container, my first thought was "OMG! This really smells like RED WINE!" lol I mean the smell of red wine is sooo strong you can't act like you didn't smell it. I was just glad that smell didn't stick to me so no one thinks I was getting drunk.

♥ I can only use it 1-2 times per week so I wonder when I'll see results...

My Damaged Hair :(

Yes... I have been having issues with damaged hair for a while. I really want to dye it but I've never been able to because of the damage. Just recently it has gotten so bad a chunk of my hair in the back is gone. It has been growing back little by little. So little that the rest of my hair growth has far outpaced it making the sad little spot all the more noticeable.

I'm trying some new hair products to help it grow faster.

Carrot Creme
♥ I've been putting this in my hair before I blow dry it. It makes my hair easier to manage.

♥ I like this cream because its not really oily like other hair products I've tried. Although I know the oil might be best for my hair type, I can't stand the way it makes my hair feel greasy and dirty. This also makes my hair a bit shiny. And I could tell within the first use that it was preventing breakage.

Organic Root Stimulator Scalp Scrub
♥ My mom got this for me saying my sister tried it and it worked for her. I don't like it but out of desperation I am trying it.

♥ As soon as I opened it a horrid smell smacked me in the face!

#1 I had to mix it in a tiny plastic cup with baking soda, as the instructions say.
#2 Spread the mix on the part of my hair where my hair fell out with the black brush.
#3 Then, I have to lightly rub it in my scalp with my fingers. (yuck! I hated it.)
#4 Then, you have to wash it out after about 15-20min.

I did that... and... nothing.
The instructions say I can only use it twice a month, so I think results will come slow... but hopefully they come. I want my hair back! :(

I will definitely have to invest in some hair masks and possibly some hair growth shampoo cause I just don't want to buy any pills for hair growth. I don't want to get the biotin supplement that some have claimed worked for them. I'll just try the normal stuff and see what works.